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BIKElectric London - electric bike conversions

I'm a sole trader, and I love bikes.


I've been converting bikes to electric since 2009, and building bikes since 1985!

I can supply a mountain bike (best for road conversion) and fit a motor hub from 15.5 miles per hour (28km/h) for on-road legal use, and up to 32 miles per hour (45km/h) for "use on private land with owner's permission". 24 km/h is the perfect speed for a conversion, taking weight and mileage into consideration. Can also convert cargo bikes.

Give me a shout, and I'll go through

prices and options.

I will convert your mountain bike from £640 supplied and fitted.

I will supply bike and convert from £750.

Tel: 07574296065


Mountain bikes 19 to 32 mph (45km/h) for off-road. Range up to 60 miles (90km).

Call for info on available bikes



"Great fun and lovely work.

Many thanks, Adam".


Battery care:

Important - charge the battery to full power when received.

You must charge the battery to full power as soon as the battery is out of power.

Never leave the battery in a state of discharge, or anything less than 25% of full charge. It is ok, and quite good for the battery to occasionally run the battery completely flat (perhaps once every 6 weeks, but it must be charged back up to full again immediately.

If your battery is to be stored for more than 2 months, then please charge for 3 hours every 2 months of storage and turn off the battery switch.

Do not connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

Do not expose this battery to high temperature such as heating appliances or leave in direct sunlight.

Do not submerge your battery in liquid of any kind.

WARNING Disassembly only by professionals.

Do store in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

Do not use any other charger than the charger supplied with the battery.

Servicing should be carried out more frequently, as there is more wear and tear with an electrically assisted bike. Your local bike shop should be able to carry out all general maintenance.


These conversons, like any retail electric bike, are not like a normal bike. They are in some ways comparable to a motorbike when it comes to the fitting and removal of the rear wheel. This should only be done by a professional. You can repair punctures on the roadside without taking off the rear wheel. Just use tyre levers to remove a third of the tyre to expose the section of the inner tube where the puncture is located.


NEVER use any power or jet wash. This will always result in expensive maintenance costs due to water ingress in bearings. Washing liquid and a bucket of warm water. Rinse in cold water. Bike upright at all times. Chain should be oiled properly and regularly.

"Speed" refers to pedal assist speed, which requires rider to be pedalling. Standard conversion assists up to 19mph, however as the voltage drops and the battery heads towards a state of discharge, the assist speed will also drop. However, speeds are still higher than those from commercial outlets, which are limited to 15.5mph.

Bikes built for road should not be used off-road, as the components and wheels are not heavy duty. If you bought a more powerful bike for off-road, then this is fine because it has been reinforced at the rear axle and forks (stays).

12 month warranty with manufacturer applies to motor/kit and battery in most cases. You can bring back the bike within first 2 weeks for me to carry out minor adjusting as the bike parts bed in, and any minor issues in good will. I guarantee correct fitting of parts during this 2 week period, not the operation of the parts themselves. Buyer is expected to follow advice on battery and motor care. Motor should never be used to pull off from standstill - the motors are designed to assist the bike once it has started moving.

In case of warranty claims, buyer is responsible for returning item, be it kit or battery to manufacturer. Used bikes are sold as seen (Caveat Emptor, Buyer beware).

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