BIKElectric London - electric bike conversions

I'm a sole trader, and I love bikes.


I've been converting bikes to electric since 2009, and building bikes since 1985!

I can supply a mountain bike (best for road conversion) and fit a motor hub from 15.5 miles per hour (28km/h) for on-road, and up to 32 miles per hour (45km/h) for off-road. 24 km/h is the perfect speed for a conversion, taking weight and mileage into consideration. Can also convert cargo bikes.

Give me a shout, and I'll go through prices and options.

I will convert your mountain bike from £650 supplied and fitted.

I will supply bike and convert from £750.

Mountain bikes up to 32 mph (45km/h) for off-road. Range up to 60 miles (90km).

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"Great fun and lovely work.

Many thanks, Adam".